About Us

       Guangzhou Ronglikai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, headquartered in Guangzhou, China. We are mainly engaged in large enterprises of Mercedes-Benz and BMW chassis parts and engine wearing parts. After decades of operation, BEMWQ's products have been recognized and concerned by countries all over the world, ensuring the durability of the products, and have been recognized by a large number of domestic and foreign auto parts dealers and auto repair shops. The company has always adhered to the 10-character concept of "innovation, quality, service, quality, and gratitude". Continuously add new products and optimize the product chain, strictly control quality, provide a full range of services, and adhere to the high quality of each product. In line with the 8-character tenet of "pursuing refinement and multi-win benefits. We are equipped with a group of capable management personnel and a high-quality professional sales team, comfortable and elegant office environment and 8000 square meters storage and distribution center. We take quality as our company Life, timeliness as service, and price quality as a competitive business model are based on the Chinese auto parts market. Develop overseas markets, promote Chinese culture, and create national brands. ——BEMWQ is dedicated to quality and looking forward to the future.

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